ADD ADHD Reminder Devices. Alarms & Timers from e-pill helps you to remember. Stay on Task and Never Forget Again. Looking for Personal, Professional and/or Academic Success = get an e-pill alarm timer for yourself or a loved one!
"This alarm watch is absolutely amazing. It has gotten me on schedule again, and thank heavens! I also love the data bank feature, and snooze alarm. Congratulations to the company for a great product!" H. Davis

Vibrating Timer, Watch with Alarms or Vibrating Pager for Adults and Children with ADD, ADHD or anybody who needs a little extra help to remember. Who does not? #1 ADD Timer (most popular)
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    Great Alarm Timers for the Forgetful

    "I bought one of these as I am always forgetting important tasks such as taking medicine and getting to appointments on time. It may not be the most stylish watch out there, but it is one of the most normal looking of the "multi-alarm" watches under $100 and one of the few with vibration. It's sold as a unisex watch, although I think it is more of a masculine style. The vibration isn't super powerful, although it is enough to get your attention. In fact, I prefer that the vibration be just enough to get my attention, as I'm sure it has an effect on the battery life. The menus are easy to navigate and are well documented in the manual. Setting up the time and all the alarms only took me a couple of minutes... very easy to use (in my opinion). This is a great watch for people with ADD/ADHD, or for anyone who wants to be discreetly reminded of important tasks." S M Kansas City

  • Timer Purse / Pocket *
    Tamper Proof Automatic Pill Dispenser for Adderall
    Super Easy-to-Use ADHD Pill Timer $29.95 NO setup required
    Timer Purse / Pocket *

    Tamper Proof Automatic Pill Dispenser for Adderall

    Super Easy-to-Use ADHD Pill Timer $29.95 NO setup required

    7 x 4 Doses Day Pill Organizer Reminder System
    Monitored LOCKED Automatic Pill Dispenser (No Monthly Fees)
    Automatic Medication Dispenser Locked
    7 x 4 Doses Day Pill Organizer Reminder System

    Monitored LOCKED Automatic Pill Dispenser (No Monthly Fees)

    Automatic Medication Dispenser Locked

    Timers and Alarms for ADD / ADHD? Learn about our comprehensive line ADD time management devices; ADD Watch, ADHD Timer and Daily Organizers for persons with ADD / ADHD (Adults and Children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD).

    Why is the e-pill CADEX the most popular ADD Watch for Kids? Link YouTube video for the award winning e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Reminder Watch.
  • 12 ALARM Daily (no reset required) Reminder. 60 Second Alarm + Optional Text Message (up to 36 characters).
  • LONG ALARM DURATION up to 4 hours.
  • MEDICAL SNOOZE. Reminder Beep ALARM + TEXT message every three (3) minutes until task has been completed, for up to 4 hours.

  • ADD / ADHD Medication Reminders (
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  • Discreet Vibrating or Beeping ADD Alarm Watches, Timers & Alarms
  • ADHD Timers to keep track of Everyday Activities and to Improve your Time Management
  • Pill Reminders and Automatic Pill Dispensers to help you remember to take your ADHD/ADD Medications. A good Personal Alarm / Timer / Vibrating Watch / Alarm Reminder can be a key component for a better life as a person diagnosed with Adult ADD or a Child diagnosed with ADHD. / offers a practical and proven line of "e-pills" (ADD ADHD Timers, Alarms & Reminders). e-pill® Electronic Reminders, Personal Timers and Alarms, Pill Organizers, Vibrating Reminder Devices, Alarm Clocks & Appointment Timers, Pill Alarms, Vibrating Countdown Timers, Vibrating & Beeping Alarm Watches for diagnosed or un-diagnosed Adult ADD/ADHD patients (attention deficit disorder) taking adhd medications. Pill Identification & Alarms: Improve your Health and Quality of Life by Taking your ADHD/ADD/HADD Medications (pills) Correct and on Time. Never forget an important task again! Our reminders (e-pill Medication Reminders) can also help you remember to take your Adult ADD or ADHD meds (adhd medications)! Stay on Task! Mayo Clinic on ADHD
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    "It affects many people, and it's treatable." Dr. Calvin Sumner, senior clinical research physician for Eli Lilly.
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